It can be stressful to write your own vows. How are you supposed to condense all that emotion into a handful of sentences? The goal of this article is to present you with popular wedding vow options and then give you a format in which to write your own.

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Traditional Wedding Vows and How to Write Your Own

Wedding receptions can include many different traditions, events, and games. The goal of this blog post is to share an overview of the most common traditions so you can decide what works best for your reception.

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How to Plan a Fun Wedding Reception

Whether an outdoor wedding has been plan all along or COVID has derailed your prior venue, there are a few essential elements to consider when moving your big day outside.

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Outdoor Wedding Essentials

Elopements have their own unique set of must-do tasks to go off without a hitch. Here are some of my best elopement tips.

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7 Tips to Plan Your Elopement

It is time to downsize or rethink your large wedding to a downsized wedding? This is a HELLA stressful time to be a bride or groom. I would know, and you would too if you read my last blog where I explain why I chose to scrap my October wedding and host an ultra small […]

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COVID-19: Time for a Downsized Wedding?

Should you create a wedding website?  Nowadays it seems like having a website to honor your wedding day is the new norm, but creating an entire website can sound like a daunting, time consuming task. I mean it’s a whole gosh darn living, breathing website with a domain and everything! But I’m here to show […]

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Wedding Website Pros and Cons

A destination beach wedding is always a yes for me. When Sam and AJ asked me to Baker’s Cay Resort in Key Largo for their beach elopement, I was in!

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Dreamy Beach Wedding at Baker’s Cay Resort

Wedding planners can literally solve problems with their eyes closed. A lot of the time with a planner on the wedding day team, you won’t even know when things are getting stressful. The planner will take on all of that stress for you. It’s their job.

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A Wedding Planner is the Carefree Wedding Secret

Need a low-stress wedding day? Here are the wedding emergency kit essentials that will have you covered from the morning of until that sparkler exit.

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How to Make a Wedding Emergency Kit

It is traditional on a wedding day that the first time the couple sees one another is at the altar. However, in recent years, this tradition has become optional. In fact, more than half the couples we work with choose to see each other before their wedding.

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The First Look: How to Decide



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