Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash Say you’re getting ready to tie the knot. You know what this wedding is going for—a chic, coastal affair reminiscent of a charming seaside village. But how are you going to achieve a beach wedding color palette? Worry not! Whether your getaway will be taking place at a secluded, […]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Beach Wedding Color Palette

When you choose the first weekend in May as your wedding date, you probably wouldn’t consider that it could be chilly outside. But that’s what Nashville brought us for Hannah and Ian’s wedding in Bell Buckle. The wedding took place at a small rustic barn with cabins dotting the property, a rose garden, and a […]

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Rustic Nashville Wedding in Bell Buckle

Tattoo wedding rings might be the best wedding trend ever. Not only do they look rad and cost less, they also signify forever (maybe more so than rings!). I’ve seen some cool wedding ring tattoos while shooting weddings. A lot of my personal friends have also opted for tattoos instead of — or in addition […]

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Best Ideas for Tattoo Wedding Rings

Wedding exits are the icing on the cake after your wedding day. It’s the final image your friends and family will have of you before you jet off with your new partner. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a ton of different types of wedding exit ideas and I’m excited to share my thoughts on […]

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Wedding Exit Ideas

There is an old adage that rain on a wedding day is good luck. This is because when you get married you are “tying the knot” and knots are much harder to untie when wet. While that might be true, it won’t help you stay dry during your wedding photos. Let’s talk about how to […]

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Rain on a Wedding Day: How to Prepare

An important decision that every wedding couple must make is whether or not to see one another before the ceremony. Traditionally couples would avoid one another before tying the knot, but now it’s normal if they want to have a first look beforehand. There are several ways couples can have a first look wedding. What […]

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First Look Wedding Ideas

When it comes to wedding venues, bigger isn’t always better. Nashville is home to a ton of wonderful spaces, including small wedding venues to host your intimate event. Whether you are eloping or just want to keep the guest list simple, these five Nashville venues will be worth looking at. (Plus, we just really enjoy […]

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Small Wedding Venues We Love in Nashville

Family photos at your wedding are some of the most important formal portraits you will take. Not only are weddings a rare occasion when the whole family is together — you also have a professional photographer there to capture them. If your family is really big, like mine,  the thought of organizing a family photo session might […]

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A Guide to Wedding Family Photos

In an age where eco-friendly options are (finally) becoming the norm, it makes sense that modern brides are being mindful of the ecological footprint their celebrations leave behind. While making sustainable wedding switches might seem like a big task, it might not be as complex as you think. Here are fifteen easy ways you can […]

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15 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Wedding

One of the most common phrases I hear from my clients on their wedding day is that they aren’t sure how to pose themselves. This is understandable considering most couples I work with haven’t worked with a professional photographer before. Inevitably, they’ve seen all those beautiful, magazine-worthy wedding poses on Pinterest and have put the […]

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5 Natural Wedding Poses for Couples



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