The ceremony was sweet and featured handwritten vows from Drew and Morgan. Talk about emotional tears! They read their vows to one another as the sunset cast gorgeous golden light onto the scene. All the emotions and nervousness of the day could be felt in their first kiss as husband and wife.

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Morgan & Drew

As a couple they are self-described as caretakers, joyful, and a little bit dorky. They are truly passionate about taking care of people. This was clear to me after meeting them together for the first time. They exude gratitude, joy, and true servants’ hearts. You can see a lot of their style in the photos from their wedding day — Savannah’s GORGEOUS floral dress, all the beautiful laughter, and an impromptu bouquet gathering during our couples shoot.

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Romantic Tennessee Wedding at The Chapel at Firefly Lane



Best enjoyed with a warm latte and a knit blanket.

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