Wedding planners can literally solve problems with their eyes closed. A lot of the time with a planner on the wedding day team, you won’t even know when things are getting stressful. The planner will take on all of that stress for you. It’s their job.

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A Wedding Planner is the Carefree Wedding Secret

Need a low-stress wedding day? Here are the wedding emergency kit essentials that will have you covered from the morning of until that sparkler exit.

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How to Make a Wedding Emergency Kit

It is traditional on a wedding day that the first time the couple sees one another is at the altar. However, in recent years, this tradition has become optional. In fact, more than half the couples we work with choose to see each other before their wedding.

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The First Look: How to Decide

Start Here Hello future brides and grooms! May I start by narrating a scene from your engagement?  It’s a beautiful day, you’ve just been proposed to, and you are on cloud nine! You and your other half have officially decided you’ll marry each other; you get to live the rest of your days with your […]

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The Key to Planning Your Wedding

When Anna reached out to me to shoot her wedding at Riverwood Mansion in mid-March (the day after my birthday, even), I was so excited. Riverwood Mansion in one of my favorite venues in Nashville, and it made a gorgeous backdrop for their simple, classic wedding. The two lovebirds got married a couple weeks before […]

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Wedding at Riverwood Mansion | Anna + Steven

The ceremony was sweet and featured handwritten vows from Drew and Morgan. Talk about emotional tears! They read their vows to one another as the sunset cast gorgeous golden light onto the scene. All the emotions and nervousness of the day could be felt in their first kiss as husband and wife.

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Morgan & Drew

As a couple they are self-described as caretakers, joyful, and a little bit dorky. They are truly passionate about taking care of people. This was clear to me after meeting them together for the first time. They exude gratitude, joy, and true servants’ hearts. You can see a lot of their style in the photos from their wedding day — Savannah’s GORGEOUS floral dress, all the beautiful laughter, and an impromptu bouquet gathering during our couples shoot.

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Romantic Tennessee Wedding at The Chapel at Firefly Lane



Best enjoyed with a warm latte and a knit blanket.

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