Should you create a wedding website?  Nowadays it seems like having a website to honor your wedding day is the new norm, but creating an entire website can sound like a daunting, time consuming task. I mean it’s a whole gosh darn living, breathing website with a domain and everything! But I’m here to show […]

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Wedding Website Pros and Cons

It is traditional on a wedding day that the first time the couple sees one another is at the altar. However, in recent years, this tradition has become optional. In fact, more than half the couples we work with choose to see each other before their wedding.

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The First Look: How to Decide

What’s the buzz around presets? You know those Instagram accounts you click on and you think, “Woah… their page looks so put together! How do they do it?!” The answer is probably presets. Most bloggers and influencers use presets to achieve a uniform style in their photos. It’s also becoming more and more common to […]

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All About Presets

SESSION LENGTH Family and children sessions come in different lengths. If you want to capture immediate family only (mom, dad, and kiddos), I would recommend a full family session, which lasts an hour and a half. If you have one young child and would like to photograph the child only, a mini session (30 mins) […]

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What to Expect From Your Family Session

With cellphones an ever-present distraction and no sign of them slowing down, unplugged weddings are a 2019 wedding trend that might just become a mainstay. According to a survey of over 500 couples, 80% of them will be implementing this tech-free decree into their wedding day. Yep, looks like we are a world simultaneously obsessed with wedding hashtags and being distraction-free.

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Is the Unplugged Wedding Trend Worth the Hype?

It might be okay to get your iPhone photos or the photos you took at your niece’s birthday party printed at a drug store, but you might want to reconsider when purchasing images of your family, newborn, or wedding day.

Here’s why it might be worth your while to spend a few extra dollars on the moments that are most important.

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5 Reasons Why Prints From Your Photographer Are Worth It

Newborn sessions are some of my favorite sessions to shoot; they are usually very quiet, warm, and relaxing for everyone. But that type of environment is cultivated — starting with you!

Here are some ways you and your Little One can prepare for a newborn session…

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How to Prepare for a Newborn Photography Session

The questions I get asked most often (second maybe to questions about the amazing wedding experience I offer) is about what kind of gear I use.

Are you a Canon or Nikon user?

What lenses do you have?

Do you use flash?

Well today is your dang lucky day, my friend, because I’m going to be answering your questions — plus, sharing what I think is the single most important question you should be asking your photographer. Hold on to your freaking pants…

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My Essential Wedding Photography Gear List

We have all seen the adorable images of toddlers in silver wash buckets during summertime or posed with pumpkins around the fall season. Photographers will often promote that they are booking 20-45 minute “mini sessions”, which are often set around a certain theme. But how can you as a busy mother on a budget make the most out of just 30 minutes with a photographer?

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5 Tips for Making the Most of a Mini Photography Session



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