Wedding Day Tips


Adelaide Street's Top Wedding Day tips


have a day-of coordinator.

Many couples like to plan their own wedding, and that is awesome. However, if you can hire someone to take on the Day Of responsibilites, it will allow you to enjoy your day so much more. At your wedding, you should be the Guests of Honor, not the work staff. Even if a wedding planner isn’t in your budget, many areas (and maybe even your venue!) have day-of coordinators at reasonable rates.


Don’t waste precious cocktail hour time trying to corral all eight of your college best friends for a photo. Designate someone ahead of time to do the job for you. Make sure it is a family member or a close friend who is familiar with everyone and isn’t shy! You can even pick two people -- one who knows the family and one who is familiar with your friends -- so you know every group is covered!


assign a keepsake saver.

You’ll definitely forget to snag a program, a menu, and those special monogrammed napkins you bought on the way out the door. Have someone go around and collect all the important paper goods -- and extras for your mom and mom-in-law!

remember what is important.

You can’t control everything. Zippers will break, flower girls will cry, but at the end of the day, come hell or high water, YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED! So enjoy your day, and have fun with the love of your life!