June 27, 2019

12 South Proposal in Nashville, TN


One of my favorite things about shooting proposals is that I get to see how much time and thought goes into it, and it starts WAY before people get down on one knee. There is something so freaking sweet about a dude planning out every detail of a proposal until it is perfect. It’s an ultimate expression of how much they love their bride-to-be.

This proposal was no different. Sam was my sister’s roommate all through college, and I have known her and AJ for a while now. But throughout this process I got to see a side to AJ that I hadn’t before, and that was the ceaseless, sacrifical love he has towards Sam. We spent hours on Facetime making sure everything was planned and perfect. I got involved in almost every aspect of the plan right down to choosing a ring. It was such an honor to witness it all come together.

It was even sweeter to see how nervous he was a few days before. My sister spoke with him on the phone and he told her he had been YouTubing “How to Propose”. He was so nervous about getting down on the wrong knee or saying the wrong thing. It was precious — because we all knew it was going to be perfect no matter what.

On the day of the proposal, Sam and my sister, Tiffany, and I went out to 12 South to shoot some friend pictures. Sam had just graduated and we set it up as a graduation gift for her and Tiffany. (A blog post on that coming soon.) Then around 2pm we headed over to Frothy Monkey on 12 South to grab some coffee — or so Sam thought.

It isn’t out of the ordinary for me to see a coffee shop and just go in on a whim. I am, after all, a caffeine fiend. So we all went in and while they waited in line, I told them I’d find a table. At this point, I snuck outside to the patio, where AJ was waiting with sunflowers and the ring. Frothy Monkey helped us secure the same table where Sam and AJ had their first date, which was so amazing. I could see AJ out the windows as he paced back and forth. When he saw me I watched his nerves escalate, so I gave him a high five and told him he was going to nail it, no problem.

After Sam got her coffee she rounded the corner and AJ was there. She almost didn’t see him! But when she did, she was so surprised that my sister had to take her coffee so she wouldn’t spill it! AJ had told Sam he was out of town that week, but he had secretly stayed overnight with a friend in order to pull of the surprise plan.

“What the heck are YOU doing here?” Sam said as she gave him a playful whack on the arm and a hug.

AJ asked her to follow him outside. That’s when Sam knew something was up. There was a table set up outside with a photo of them and a bundle of bright yellow sunflowers. The two of them shared some private words and then AJ got down on one knee. Sam already had tears welling in her eyes the moment his knee hit the ground. She, of course, said yes!

Sam’s mom was there as well and emerged from behind a hiding spot to hug everyone. She’s the cutest.

Frothy Monkey was SO AWESOME during the whole process and even took a video of the proposal and brought out champagne. (Plus if y’all haven’t been there it is one of the hippest spots in Nashville. I promise this isn’t sponsored I just love coffee.) Tiffany, Sam’s mom, and I enjoyed some champs while Sam and AJ spent some time chatting and laughing.

Then, when they were ready we headed out to take some 12 South engagement photos, and I’m truly in love. A big thanks to Frothy Monkey for helping us organize this. Here are some of my favorite shots.



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